After the Japanese text is modified, you can choose the Normal Braille Image or Mirror Braille image.

Transfer the text with your choice to the eBraille Server.

You will receive the Braille image as shown below.

This is the normal Braille image which will be a manuscript for Braille copy machine. Braille is read from the left to the right.
This is the mirror Braille image. You can make a Braille text by yourself without any special tools. The following is the instruction of Hand-made Braille text.

1. Print out the Mirror Braille image.

2. Put the image on a piece of paper. (The paper should be a little thicker as this will be for Braille text. ) Then put the paper and the mirror image on a soft board such as mouse pad.

3. Make relief points with a sharp point stick according to each point on the mirror image.

4. Turn the paper over after making all relief points.
5. This is a hand-made Braille text.

#Mirror image can be also a manuscript for Brailler.

#You can try eBraille if your computer has Japanese system. Please go to: http://www.ebraille.org/eBraille/

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